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About me

Hey name is Steve Peace and I have been tattooing at Immaculate Concept Tattoo since it's inception in 1996.  Only beginning to paint recently, I hope to have art prints available some time in the near future.

My History

Born in the UK, I emigrated to Canada with my family way back in 1976.  After high school I began working in the sterile processing department of a major hospital which has instilled a cleanliness in my tattoo process that has always been one step ahead.  New Alberta Health Guidelines come into effect in July 2020...I have been proud to have already been following all new guidelines myself since 2007 when we made personal changes to how our studio runs.

I am also the founder and promoter of both The Calgary and Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festivals each year which began in 2004.


I strive to make each tattoo unique and as custom as possible.  The best way to end up with a tattoo looking great is to let go of a few of your expectations and let me do the drawing process for you after a few ideas of what to include in your design.

A few things to avoid:

Too many things in one tattoo can clutter up the design pretty quickly and cause it to be a little stiff and forced.  One basic idea for your design is best and I can work that idea into a great tattoo.

Names or words in a tattoo can kill the flow of a piece and affect it's final look.  I do not do any lettering in my work unless it can be fit into as well as look like part of the design.  A picture is worth a thousand why get a few when you can get a thousand!

Limiting the size of your tattoo will dramtically limit the detail and substance of that tattoo.  The more space I have to utilize in your design, the better the outcome will be.  

Please be patient when it comes to seeing your design.  Your design will not usually be ready till the day before or the day of your appointment.  I put so much into designing everyones tattoo, I cannot get much further ahead than a day or so.

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